A Benefit of Teaching

AUTHOR’S.NOTE: “Standard, never do any of this at home. If you are under 18 please go somewhere else. I was inspired by Subnatured {2002 SubNatured@yahoo.com}. I really do hope everyone enjoys the show; And, thank you for your time, and energy!”

Hello, my name is Haniel Sparks. Sometimes people ask me why I choose to become a high school teacher, of course there’s the obvious attractions such as the shorter working hours, and long holidays, or even ‘satisfaction’ of helping others… ‘it sure as hell can’t be the pay’ Perhaps they just don’t think to consider the downside of the job, the mountains of marking, dealing with spoilt teenagers who think they literally are the center of the universe. Temperamental little brats who think it is ‘kewl’ to bring knives to school; or shoot up class mates because they’re parents never taught them how to deal with stress. Maybe, they are oblivious to the self-righteous parents who fail to take any responsibility for raising their kids. So, they blame the teachers when their precious little baby goes off the rails, and expect the school system to pick up the slack, because their too lazy, they’re too busy to keep their guns out of reach, and they’re too this that or some other thing.

Considering what teachers have to put up with just to live under the poverty line; It’s little wonder that there’s usually a shortage of good teachers. Though of course, the other side is right too, as usual, the school system is so corrupt that the teachers unions scream bloody murder, when someone thinks to have the audacity to expect teachers to actually do their job, and use the great proven method of success of greedy capitalistic pigs they call free market competition to increase the quality of our school system... Of course, I just sit back and watch the fireworks, and enjoy the fruits of my labor… maybe too literally sometimes.

Recently my parents died and left me with some huge amounts of inheritance, right before Obama nation came into power so the government choose to let me keep most of it with the suspension of the “death tax”. How much my father and mother held me in high esteem was news to me because they kicked me out of the mansion when I was 18 after my graduation ceremony. After twenty years in the Navy as a Submariner I had my own nice little nest egg. I left the navy with three bachelors and a Ph.D. So I wrote a few things as I moved across the country to Rhode Island to attend my parent’s funeral. One of my cousins suggested I become a teacher because it would give me a lot of free time to write. So, that is what got me to where I am now.

My cousin got me a job replacing a science teacher, who was moving across the nation to follow her husband who was in the military. I tried to help her and a fellow sailor out to try to help them get on-base housing quickly. Early on in my life my parents taught me all the benefits of charity, and despite the ‘fishy’ way my cousin got me the job I felt one good turn could use another. The teenagers these days call it “pay if forward” or some such nonsense, I think. I digress. It was a catholic school that had a dress code {uniform}, for students consisting of a white shirt, school tie, grey trousers for the boys, and a gray knee length plaid skirt, white socks and black shoes. There was also a matching blue/green sweater which was the school’s colors, but it was optional, and few students wore one.

Most of the students I taught were between sixteen, and seventeen, I spotted the trouble makers straight away, and within the first couple days had them under control with little more than a series of well placed detentions and encouraging remarks… some may find this interesting but saying the ‘right’ positive thing can totally send people into a tail spin. However, it was easy as this was a Catholic school after all and they were just small time bullies.

As always, I made the effort to teach them well, taking the time to find a strategy that would help them all learn and understand the material. Maybe ironically, I believe in doing what is right regardless of the consequences. The means justify the ends, so to speak. Much to my surprise, most students actually respond favorably when a teacher actually does their job. By the end of the first day I already decided on the girl that I would be experiencing. Later, I might look back and think she saved me from a path of self destruction. Yet, I try to leave things that are out of my control to the Divine; And, just focus on what I want to happen. And, yes, things I that are out of my control is almost everything outside of my own body.

As one of the younger girls in my classes, Jennifer {or “Jenn” to her friends} was fifteen and would turn sixteen within the month of September that year. Friendly, and well mannered, she got along with most of the other students in the class but quiet and positive, very unlike some of the more attention seeking girls. Of course, she had her own group of friends she talked with from time to time. She stood around one point six eight meters with slightly silky wavy brown hair that went to her shoulders. Ironically she was strikingly beautiful with pale skin and delicate aristocratic features set off by her hazel eyes and soft moist light pink lips, but she consistently made the choice to where very little makeup.

Magnificently stunningly beautiful, Jennifer had a fantastic body, and she quietly flaunted it in how she walked and her dress. While there was a uniform policy in the school, it was open to some minor interpretation, the most common of which was to wear a skirt which is slightly shorter than the standard style of at the knees directly. This may seem like something small but revealing three to four inches above the knee gives the uniform a whole new meaning as it reveals an admirable portion of a young woman’s thighs. Jenifer choose to wear such a skirt, highlighting just how incredible her legs were, beautifully formed, trim and well toned it was obvious she was an athlete that practiced routinely through the week. Neither skinny, nor bulky, she was beautifully shaped and had the perfect curves for her height and figure. Her skirt showed her beautifully supple trim waist and bubble shaped ass. A few times during the fall I was granted short glimpses of brilliance of her perfectly heart shaped firm ass within the uniform plaid skirt.

Jennifer was like most of the other girls in how she wore her tie slightly slack, and with the top button of her shirt undone, the shirt itself was made of a light material, there were no guidelines on what uniform shirts should be made of, just so long as they were white. Jennifer made the choice to wear a shirt made of cashmere silk that a few of the other girls had as well. It was clearly a status symbol of family wealth. Although it was so thin that you were able, to almost see her black bra encasing her maybe barely C-Cup breasts, and so the material came off as slightly off white as her skin augmented the color. A few times during the fall I was able to see her beautiful form of her breasts and torso as the light shining through the windows caught her blouse just the right way.

I had been watching Jennifer, since the first day of school, and admiring her beauty subtlety and discreetly. Thankfully the time came to act soon in the month of November after the “Home Coming” dance. It was a Friday and luckily I taught her final class of the day, thus giving me the opportunity to ger her to myself at the end of the class, but I still needed a reason to keep her back, ironically I found my reasons in one of the pranks that was played on a fellow female teacher I had befriended. I slipped out of the toilet where I inflated a condom like a balloon, then, I carried it back with me to the class hidden under some lab equipment I picked up from the storage cupboard on my way back. As I walked past her seat I dropped the condom at the base of her bench. Like a puppet answering the pull of strings from a puppeteer, the mischievous boys spotted it with little time elapsed.

“Hey Jen! Bat it over here!” He yelled, Jennifer looked puzzled, saw the inflated contraceptive and then without thinking picked it up. Seeing my opportunity I turned and yelled at her “Jennifer!, what the hell do you think you are doing!” I yelled and she spun around turning on her heels with a fright. “Put that in the bin and see me after class!” she began to stutter something about it not being hers, but the words died without sound as I gave her a sharp piercing glance into her soul. Watching her walk over to the bin to dispose of my little prop, I savored her shapely legs and pert butt as it shifted slightly as she unconsciously softly strutted from side to side in her heels. My organ began engorging with blood filling it’s veins as the sheer thought of what was soon to come brought a stir in my pants. I had to sit down at my desk to hide the massive aching bulge in my pants, waiting for the final bell as the students finished their lab.

The class room erupted in the sound of scuffling of feet and backpacks as the Final Bell sounded with a sharp distinct ring. The various conversations sprang up out of the silence of the class room as if they were continuing where they had left off when the class began. I followed the last student out the door, leaving Jennifer in her sitting in her seat. Before I shut and locked the door, the student playfully taunted Jennifer about how much trouble she was in… he didn’t know the half of it.

As the student left, I shut the old sturdy solid oak door and locked it behind me. Now, you might ask me why I would ‘risk’ my job over what I am about to do. My answer is simple, ‘What is stopping me?’ As you will see, all roads from this juxtaposition leads to me still doing whatever I want. As a great man said once, the only thing to fear is fear itself. Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, the classroom itself was situation on the second floor of a building built like King Solomon’s Temple. Only recently did the school even need to start building an additional building. So the room was extremely sturdy and well kept. The windows overlooked the school soccer, rugby, and baseball field. The private school was extremely old and highly esteemed.

As I turned to walk back to my desk, I saw Jennifer looking at me with an inquisitive look on her face, “why did you lock the door?” she asked as I sat back at my desk, “I wanted to make sure we had no interruptions” I replied with authority in a stern tone, “I did not bring that thing into class sir, it was not mine” she meekly tried to justify and excuse herself, “com here Jennifer, I want to discuss your position in my class” I replied, with the same deep stern voice resonating lightly off the polished hard wood floor and walls. Getting up from her seat, she walked over to me with a defeated expression and stood in front of me submitting to my inquisition. I grabbed her attention from my feet with a snap of fingers and motioned for her to stand next to my seat, and turned myself to face her.

Hands behind her back, feet locked together, and body erect Jennifer continued to stare at the floor with her should slumped in defeat, continuing to submit to my appraisal. I appreciated her slim figure, running my eyes up her beautifully sculpted legs, her trim waist, and slim hips under her bountiful breasts which pressed forward from her shirt and up to her slender neck. Her delicate face offset by the soft brown hair which flowed down to the tops of her shoulders. She remained staring at the floor and then brought her face up to look at me, finally, “I am sorry sir, but I did not bring that thing to class… I just saw it and picked it up, and I do not even have any, and I have only ever seen them in sex ed” she said with her eyes pleading to me, her hazel eyes looking innocently at me. “So you don’t have any and you have never used on before?” “No, I never ever, and I wouldn’t even know what to do with one if I saw one, sir.” She hastily added with her response, looking even more pleadingly as she silently begged to me.

Looking at her hips and light cashmere silk material of her blouse covering her trim, and tone, stomach, “That is ok Jennifer… we will not be using them either” Jennifer’s chest rose slightly as she took a sharp breath in, her face going slightly pale, I raised myself from my seat brushed the hair from the side of her face. “what do you mean?” she asked, her breathing still shallow and her soft delicate face with hazel eyes still locked onto mine, “I mean, we are going to have sex” I said gently with the back of my fingers gently running across her high cheek bone, “I… I… I am sorry but no… I cannot… I… I… I am not…”came her stuttering reply as she shuffled slightly away from me. I put my hands on her shoulders, just enough to stop her from moving further away from me, “I am going to make love to you Jennifer” I said tenderly and gently, “No… you cannot… please!!!” she said finally raising her voice ever so slightly as her voice began to faultier and tremble, with her body. “just do what I say and you will be fine, this does not have to be difficult” with a gentle and caring tone I explained to her. Fear washed over her eyes and she began to struggle, trying to free herself of my grip.

After twisting, I threw Jennifer back into the whiteboard behind my desk. The impact stunned her and she stood paralyzed against the blackboard. Her face stung turned, as I slapped her across the face “fail to make this difficult Jennifer! submit!” I yelled at her, and turned her face to look at me by her chin, “Do you understand!?!” I barked curtly as she stared into my eyes with disbelief, and her face startled from the violence. “Do you!?!” I barked again, lowering my hand from her face to her arm, as she gently nodded her head with a single tear running from her watery eyes across the red mark where I had slapped her. The red mark was already fading though, as only wished to stress a point, and do everything but tarnish her beautiful soft angelic face.

Moving my right hand down the side of Jennifer’s curves I grabbed her ass and softly began to knead and massage her ass through her smooth silk grey plaid skirt. The sound of her soft whimper ran a chill of pleasure down my spine as I kissed her neck and shoulders. Licking the lobe of her ear, and darting my tongue in and out I then grabbed her breast through her blouse with my other hand and began kneading and mauling it as my thumb flicked across her areole and nipple. I could feel the heat of pleasure begin to rise within her as she whimpered more from the unknown sensation boiling within her. I pulled back slightly and began unbuttoning her blouse as she looked at me confused. Her eyes were still watery and afraid of what was happening, and yet still confused at me and what I was doing, and what I was causing her to feel. I grabbed her blouse and pulled it down to her elbows roughly causing her to whimper from the sudden movement.

With a warm heated smile at my good fortune, I look into her eyes and unbutton her front clasping silk black bra and pulled it to her elbows with her blouse as I dove into sucking on her neck. Her back arched and she moaned for the first time as both hands returned to now roughly kneading and mauling her ass and naked breast. I had switched my hands though as my kisses trailed from her sweet moist watermelon flavored lips, ears, neck, shoulder, and then to her breasts. She looked away and whimpered in the shame and humiliation of having her teacher suck and nibble on her breast as he knead and mauled her breast and ass with his hands. Kneeling I sucked on her magnificently beautiful boobies and nipped her nipple. Causing a small orgasm to wash over her body; With, a new round of delightfully pleasant whimpers from the unwanted pleasure. I could feel her become more submissive to my demands, I let go of my remaining restraint with treating her body roughly. My goal was for her pleasure rather than my own, but I had no inhibitions based on fear of right or wrong, good or bad, society or family. There was only action and the consequences of those actions. There was only me and the sexual animal pleasure I felt, from driving sexual animal pleasure through this young woman’s ripe fertile young teenaged body. I intentionally ignored her moving her hands to my shoulders and unconsciously caressing my head absentmindedly.

With Jennifer’s first orgasm of the evening I began trailing south with kisses along her irresistibly soft silky feminine skin. First to her belly-button my tongue playfully nipped at her outie causing another delightfully yelp from her moans of pleasure as both hands were roughly kneading and mauling her bare ass. My hands had gone down to start massaging her calf muscles thoroughly; Then cupping the back of her knees as I nipped her belly button, and then under her skirt I began roughly kneading and mauling her thighs. I had no doubt she might have bruises, and be sore, the next morning but right now she was mine; And, she loved every minute of it. As my hands slipped under her white cotton panties I dove my had under her skirt.

Whimpering yet again from embarrassment of having her teacher’s head literally under her skirt and about to do the unthinkably horrible thing she had only heard other girls whisper about. “Ooohhh…. Noooo…. Pleeeaaassseee not there… Oooh my!” Oh, how she felt grateful now that he locked the door as his hands lifted her up onto the whiteboard and his mouth dove into eating her alive. “Doctor Sparks!” Her yelps continued to add to his delight. His lips kissing her camel toe formed by her white panties sucked the ambrosia of her sweet honey from her. Then, she felt his lips directly on her moist pussy lips as she experienced more pleasure than she ever dreamed of. Driving my tongue into her moist cunt, I found her g-spot and ate her through another mind shattering orgasm as I drank my fill of her sweet virgin honey. Her hands struggled to find a way to drive my head more tightly into her pussy against her silk pleated skirt.

Hoisting her skirt up over her hips, I pulled her panties completely off now. Kissing her venus mound I stroked and kissed my way back up to her mouth. Her eyes flashed open as she realized she was tasting herself and she drove her tongue back into my mouth, playfully caressing and stroking my own tongue she apparently had decided to give herself to me full mind, body, and soul. I knew it might happen at some point; But, I was also prepared for her to hate me for the rest of my life… however long that ended up being, given who her parents were. Remember I said consequences? Some things just are worth it. Well, I knew that the night was still young, and two orgasms rarely makes anything major happen. So, I continued to run my hands stroking and caressing her thighs, ass, and back as we kissed. I marveled at how firm her ass cheeks and breasts were as I kneaded and mauled them.

Unbuckling my pants I let them fall after unzipping the zipper and dropped my boxers. I pulled away from her lips as I sloughed my shirt and tie over my head. There was a long pause as I suddenly was irrationally insanely compelled to let her decide. “Wha-what are you doing?” Silently she stared at me meekly as she began to comprehend what was happening. She whimpered as her blouse and bra dropped behind her as she drove her lips, and body, back into mine. “I… have… never… been… with… anyone…” between kisses I thought she might be having thoughts of doubt now, so I spun her around and slammed her face first, against the white-board softly. I bent my knees as I aligned my massive cock to her cunt before I impaled her on my blood engorged organ and drove her up against the whiteboard like a vicious animal. “Ooohhh myyy God!!!” She squealed as I stuck her like a pig on my rod of authority. “Jesus! You are sooo tight… Thank you… for making love… with me…” I paused between her cunt’s vice like milking contractions around my baby maker. I held still so that her vagina could become more accustomed to being stretched obscenely around my massive cock. Her earlier orgasms and juices the only reason I was able to bottom out in one thrust, as her cunt tried to skin my penis.

Whimpering came again as Jennifer grunted with each thrust into her previously virgin cunt. “uuuhhh… uuuhhh… uuuhhh…” I mauling her breasts I used them for leverage to drive my blood engorged cock deep into her incredibly tight cunt. Her legs dangling and shuddering spastically as I driver her through another orgasm, “Aaaiiieee… aaaeee… aaaiii… iiieee… aaahhh… iiihhh… eeehhh”. Leaning back her skirt was tickling the hair on my balls on each thrust and I knew I was about to come soon. My thrusting sped up slightly as I savored the feel of her tight pussy griping my organ like a vice. The sound of her voice, “uuuhhh… iiihhh… eeeiiihhh…” chanting as I drove more air through her lungs. The smell of sex permeated the room as I laid it too the once prim and proper young teenage school girl. Plowing through her once virgin cunt, I felt a new need “I am going to knock you up now, mon cheri”

With a flash Jennifer’s eyes screamed open as she whimpered anew, “But!... Please!... I can’t… get… preg… nant……… My… father… will… kill… me!!!” I growled and grunted in her ear as I continued to plow through her once virgin garden. “Ssshhh… quiet……….. That… is… your… fault… remember? … You… did… not… bring… any… condoms…” She pleaded, “but… please!!! I… want… to… go… to… college!!! Noooooot…nooooo… aaaiiieeeiiieeeaaaiii!!!” She squealed through yet another orgasm; As, I drove my massive organ directly to the gates of her Garden of Eden and pumped my baby batter directly into her womb. Unbeknownst to both of us, there actually were two ripe eggs there which my sailors did go forth to pillage, plunder, and conquer.

I collapsed into the splendor of afterglow with her against my teacher’s desk, and Jennifer still impaled on my cock the whole time. My cock was still erect though the ‘need’ was gone now. I could feel her still incredibly tight cunt milking my cock for all its seamen goodness. “How did you know?” She asked honestly inquisitively, as I rubbed her stomach gently, and stroked and caressed her breasts. I was able to figure out what she meant by the nature of the question though I couldn’t help but chuckle. “I didn’t; guess it is just the will of the Divine.” She quietly sobbing and unable to move as her legs and feet still dangled to either side of mine unable to find a perch to unlock herself to me. The whimpers came again at the frustration of being unable to silence her moans of pleasure to my touch.

With a few minutes having passed from when I packed Jennifer full of baby making goodness... The feeling of gravity pressing her back into me was absolute divine pleasure. The feeling of her sweaty skin rubbing against mine, had me wanting to go again; So, I struggled to lift her up off me. There was a loud pop as my cock disengaged from her pussy, and she moaned from the loss. I smiled and looked down at her as I cradled her now. “Be happy, there is more to come.” She stared at me lost in thought for a moment then, “but my father! He will come looking for me if I don’t call him.”

That insane compulsion returned as I laid Jennifer across the my teacher’s desk. I grabbed her cell phone from her purse and turned it on. Warily she asked, “But aren’t supposed to use them on school grounds…” I laughed, “I am sure I can work something out with the Dean.” With a wink, she smiled brightly at me and realized what she said was silly. The phone was already dialing, and after the usual introduction.

“I am fine Daddy; And, I am at a new friend’s house and we are going to go see that new Gi-Joe movie.” Looking at Jennifer I had the distinct impression she was merely omitting certain facts, and asking me something at the same time. In response, I merely kneeled down and started eating her pussy. She, correctly, took that as an affirmative… after some more hanky-panky. “Thaaank yooouuu daaaddyyy!!!” She squealed in delight from my attention to her pussy, and no doubt, her father’s answer. I ran my tongue along her Labia and twirled her clit as I stroked my fingers in and out of her incredibly tight cunt. The folds of her Vagina were milking my fingers as I stretched it out again as I found her centers of pleasure. “Aaaiiieee… aaaeee… aaaiii… iiieee… aaahhh… iiihhh… eeehhh” franticly she panted and struggled to breathe through the waves of pleasure emitting from her once virgin teenage pussy in its frantic signals to her brain. Luckily she had ended the call with her father before she lost control of the noises she is making.

“ooooooooooo… teacher… teacher… teacher… just like that… ooohhh fuck me!!! Fuck yes…” I nipped her clit as I continued sawing in, and out, of Jennifer’s cunt. The delicious smell of her cum, intoxicating me, as I liked it up like a thirsty mutt. The sound of lips smacking, whimpers, grunts, and groans filled the classroom. I slowly stroked her labia with my tongue. I could tell she was near the edge again, as I drove her along the edge. “Oh please… let me cum… please let me cum!!!” Her hands were in a death grip with my hair as I let her drive my face into her spasming cunt. My other hand weaved around her torso and playing with her breast. Roughly I kneaded, and mauled, her breast while flicking her nipple with my thumb.

Arching her hips up into my mouth, Jennifer finally was allowed to have another massive soul shattering orgasm. I stood up and fitted myself into her before viciously spearing my blood engorged organ into her spasming vagina. “eeeiiihhhh…. Yeeesss… ooohhh fuck yes!!! Give me your baby” Now I had cum once already but hearing that just drove me immediately to the edge as I plowed into her incredibly tight cunt. I grabbed her shoulder from behind and lifted her legs to help her encircle me as I pile drove farther into her. “God… you feel… so damn… gooooood… take it…” Every eighth plunge I tickled her cervix as it spasmed from aftershocks. Pressing her lips against mine, she initiated a deep soulful kiss, welcoming my dominating mouth as the reptile within me overtook my senses and I pounded her roughly against the hard solid red wood teacher’s desk.

Looking into my eyes clearly, Jennifer spoke, “give… give me… your baby batter… knock this… horney little… little princess… up… you… you big stud……….. you dirty old man… plant… a bun… in… this oven.” Exploding wave of pleasure engulfed me as I released into her, and did just that. Her legs tightened around me and drove me into her farther to mash the mushroom head of my massive cock against her cervix. My cock shook back and forth spraying her womb with baby making seed. I collapsed against her bosom with both of us heaving our lungs for breath from exhaustion. Her hands gently stroking my back as she lazily kissed me again. Her legs rubbing against mine slowly with an absent mind, as she was still impaled on my massive cock. We basked in the afterglow of our second matting.

We both began to slowly put ourselves together. “Mom, and him, have to leave for the weekend to Atlanta… So could we take this to your place? I am sure your bed is more comfortable and I would really like to see that movie… If you want to see it too?” Jennifer asked tentatively with uncertainty and meekness. I moved up to start kissing her lips, “as you wish, mon cheri… but what if you are pregnant?” She smiled mischievously as she donned her uniform, and I my own cloths. “I am sure I will convince you that I am the best wife you could ever dream of” She said as started to help me dress and tie my tie for me. I smiled and kissed her; Something in the way she said it quelled any lingering doubts I may have had; Which, is a little crazy if you think about it… “You know what I want might differ from what your father wanted from your mother.” She smirked and hugged him with her head on his muscular chest. “Whatever will make you happy will make me happy.” Those words were more than enough to get that night rolling.

With dinner and a movie, we retired to my estate that really was too big for just one person. The next month, we were having dinner at my place with her parents. Naturally they were a little upset, “You dirty old pervert! How dare you even think of touching my daughter!” The man was built like a linebacker but I trained myself in martial arts and knew from experience that I could handle myself in a fight. Yet, I refused to even consider laying a hand against him because of… you got it, the consequences. So I let him push me out of the dinning room and into the kitchen… “I love your daughter, sir… and while that may be deviant, I only want what she wants… I am lucky that happens to be that she wants me.” The irony of this conversation was foremost in my mind as I struggled to hide my amusement at the whole scenario. I easily held it from the expression my face held though because what I said was the truth, even if how it all started was more about what I wanted. When you know what you are doing is right and true? Things become easier to do.

“Bullshit!!! I am going to ruin you and your career, little man… I am going to…”I interrupted just to help him understand me more clearly, “I doubt that you can do anything of the sort.” Naturally the man was livid with fury, “WWWHHHAAATTT!?!” His wife, and Jenn’s mother rushed to restrain him and looked pleadingly at me, “I feel you may misunderstand me…” When his breathing started to calm somewhat, “maybe you can get me fired. Maybe you can prevent me from ever teaching in any school… yet look around you, and please realize that I can provide for our family regardless of a teacher’s salary” Jenn was standing with me with her arms wrapped around me protectively. Her father had calmed himself enough to see what she was doing and I saw the light of some understanding shine in his eyes. After looking around a moment he obviously remembered the drive into this estate.

“You are pregnant” Jennifer’s mother stated as she stared at her daughter, and Jennifer immediately went defensive, “Yes, and that has nothing to do with this” She held up her diamond engagement ring, “We invited you here because I love you and I want you to be a part of Haniel, and my, family and life. I would love to have my father give me away at my wedding but that is your choice. I have already made my choice to forever be with Haniel as his wife.” She hugged me fiercely and with such raw passion in her face even her parents saw it despite their previous misconceptions. However, suddenly her father’s demeanor completely changed. He looked at me differently and I could see a new respect in his eyes.

“Princess, I am grateful that you are marrying him for love. I know you are more mature than any of your friends, yet that does matter to me. That your fiancé is moving this quickly because you are pregnant changes everything… If you were not, would you wait longer?” Jennifer opened her mouth to respond but felt silent and smirked a grudging acceptance. “Maybe, though the end result would be the same. Even if we waited till I was thirty, I would still love him for the rest of my life; And, I know he loves and trusts me absolutely, abundantly, and implicitly

Grabbing her father’s hands Jennifer held the hands to her tightly. “So, can we please have dinner and celebrate the Winter Solstice?” Of course, his answer was yes and we did. I have marveled for the past month how mature my fiancée is. She literally is somehow immune to the typical biological conditions that causes a teenager to behave like a teenager. This was the only reason I relented to the compulsion in me to ask her hand in marriage. As her father said, otherwise I probably would wait… a few years and just be what she needed me to be without the ceremony and commitment on her part. I already knew my commitment was chosen a month ago.

While we ate the dinner the two of us had prepared, and she is a fantastic cook. “I wish to assure you that I will make sure Jenn goes to whatever college she wishes and that I will be there as a father… and as a husband.” Then more irony abounded as her father smiled ruefully at me, “I know son, like I said, I think I understand better than you might think. What you have known of for a month we have watched grow for sixteen years and my princess’s unspoken threat that we were choosing on merely whether to be a part of your life together struck rather close to home… like I think she knew it would.” He glared at her daughter sitting next to me and she shrunk into me for protection slightly; Which, caused everyone to giggle and chuckle. I kissed her like a husband kisses a wife. “My wife and I might literally do anything so that we can be a part of our daughter’s life for more than the immediate future.” I heard her father speak as Jennifer and I gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes. I wondered to what Goddess or God I owed my life to for this strange twist of fate. And, for teaching my love how to make fantastic Wassail.

Of course not, but might be a bit before I work on ‘continuing’ this. Have other things to write and get ahead on. As always, I hope you enjoyed the show! Thank you for your time, and energy!

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