WONDER WOMAN: Grandpa's Woman

AUTHOR'S.NOTE: "Story idea adopted, and inspired, from 'Hospice Care' by Dick Coxxxx, Black7, and inspired and adopted from other interracial stories."

With celerity, and alacrity, Wonder Woman rushed to Bank of America in responding to a roberry alarm. She caught up with the speeding getaway sports utility vehicle in a residential neighborhood in Gotham city's working glass area. Using her tiara, she sent it spinning into the onrushing vehicle's left front tire. It exploded in a spray of rubber as the tiara ripped out the tires sidewall. The vehicle skidded acoss the road into the elementary school parking lot, and slammed into a parcked school bus. Kids scattered screaming. The hoods jumped out of the van holding their money, sacks, one was yelling into a cell phone.

Wonder Woman charged them from across the road. The co-driver spotted her, and raised his AK-47 modified automatic rifle. He let a long burst of bullets ripp from the weapon in a buzz of hornets. The smell of burnt gun powder and the sound of bullets ricocheting caused even more mayhem in the school yard which had been in the process of loading the grade school busses, with kids, for the end of the day. The princess raised her bracelets and easily deflected the slugs away from her before she reached the gunman. He was in the process of reloading the rifle, with another thirty round clip, when her fist knocked him inot the side of the van. She quickly captured the others as they tried to flee with her golden magik lasso. Sirens could be heard wailing in the distance as they race to the school in pursuit of the fugitives.

B.J., was having a shit day, and then some idiot crashed their sports utility vehicle into his school bus. The next thing he knew, was waking up flat on his back paralized. 'What the fuck is happening?' He mentally screamed. He had been standing beside his number one buss helping kids get on when he was hit by a series of hot poker stabs. Then his vision was closing in toward a black tunnel when he saw this white woman standing over him. She was wearing some kind of stripper cloths and had the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. 'I sure would like to put my mouth around those tits' He thought as the blackness of unconsciousness claimed him.

The muscle bound black school bus driver, and janitor, had taken most of the deflected AK-47 rounds that Wonder Woman had deflected away. He was a collateral damage statistic, along with the school bus, at this point. However, another bus driver quickly arrived with a first aid kit from another bus, and began applying rudimentary life saving first aid measures to the profusly bleeding body. With handing the criminal thugs over to the police, the princess looked back to see the paramedics trying to load him into the ambulance. Effortlessly, she assessed the situation as she picked up the bed and flew him to the Sisters of Salvation Hospital's emergency center. The doctors were unsure how much help they could be to the multiple bullet wounds and thought he might have already lost too much blood. So it was with a very guilty conscious that the princess interfaced with the police on the investigation of the incident.

Deeply disturbed by the whole incident, Wonder Woman never left the hospital as she filled out the Justice League Alliance incident report. The next day a prim, and proper, duty nurse woke Wonder Woman in the waiting room and directed her to the Intensive Care Ward. B.J. was a mess, as an I.V. drip delivered food and medicine through his one good arm, both of his legs and one arm were in casts.

"Well Met, I am Wonder Woman" Softly, and with much warmth, the princess said by way of introduction. "You are the one who they say took me to the hospital and saved my life... thank you" A raspy voice was all B.J. could manage. "You're welcome" B.J. said with some anger in his raspy voice, "Mind you, they also said you deflected the bullets into me, so I guess this is also you're fault."

At a loss on how to respond to that, as it was all true, the princess changed the subject to avoid further unpleasentness and to keep herself from breaking out crying. The guilt she felt over the truth was eating her up. "So what do the doctors say?" With renewed calmness B.J. responded, "Well, the done got all the bullets out, but they figure I will be in rehab for quiet awhile... they be not sure if I'll ever be walking again, or not." She interjected to keep things good, "I am sure with the right motivation you will... Do all your people know?"

B.J. rolled his eyes, "I don't have no people, cracker." and, he sounded rather depressed. "I prob can't even pay for all this rehab." Though, despite his words his yes were imbedded into his memory every inch of her beautifully supple, and firm, flesh. "I'm sorry... there's got to be something I can do to help besides paying for the rehab?" The princess's concern over his lack of family had his cunning mind working on a way to milk the hot white bitch. "I feel that it would be great if you helped me with rehab with visits and such instead of the money." With renewed happiness, and a touch of hope she answered, "Absolutely... Benjerman." His name jumped out at her from his medical clipboard. He responded with a warm grateful smile. "The boys at school just call me Ben, ma'am." And, the princess blushed at his own formality. "I think it might be great if you called me Diana." They made small talk for a couple more hours as she playefully responded to his flirtations. "Don't forget now Miz Diana" He called out as she had to leave. The wonderfully beautiful, and exotic, asian nurse was curious, "Oh Miz Wonder Woman, said she would help me with rehab on account dat I don't got no family, and such, to help me." With surprise blushing across her face she remarked, "That is really nice of her, I think she is such a wonderful person." The princess felt good about herself about helping set things right with the old black man, he was such a gentleman that she decided she would visit him regularly.

With a blood-engorged massive cock, Ben woke up from dreaming about Wonder Woman. He had recently turned sixty nine, but still had a full head of hair with only a few grey specs. He maintained his aging body with daily walks of about six miles, and worked out at the school's gym. In his younger years he had been a boxer before they found out he had cancer. He had beaten that, and taken up working at the elementary school as a buss driver and janitor. Recently he had actually gotten onto the coaching staff for the High School Football and Basketball teams.

Two days later Wonder Woman returned and knocked on the door to his new room outside of the Intensive Care ward. "Enter" A deeply masculine voice resonated through the door. The nurse was just leaving after having changed his I.V.'s saline and medicine bag. She had a stern frowning expression on her face. Ben, and a pained look on his own, as his body was only slightly better than it was two days ago. "Well Met Ben, is something bothering you?" Diana asked innocently, though she noticed the huge tent at his crotch. "You had better believe it... they are all bastages." Nodding his head toward the departing nurse, "You see," He started his explanationm "They have been trying to get my legs to react to stimulation and the only thing that pokes up is my... um, cock." Diana blushed at his vulgarity but said nothing, as he smiled sheepishly at her "Of course, the nurse takes offense, and that one," with another curt nod of his head, he continued. "whacked my little Ben with a spoon... I'd show her if I was loose." He said.

A giggle escaped from Diana's lips as she failed to suppress her humor at the story. Seeing her mirth Ben said, "Well, how about you helping me out of this jam you got me into; And, I don't want Nurse Janet coming in with another spoon." Shocked, a much more serious expression crossed her face, 'Is he really asking me to relieve his hard cock by helping him masturbate?' The question she asked herself went unanswered for a moment, "Diana, c'mon, please..." The whimpering and begging won her over rather quickly, "Ok, but you can't tell anyone." She said with a soft whisper he almost thought he imagined her saying that.

With a wink and a smile from Ben, The princess reached over, after sliding the bed sheet over, she grabbed his huge rod and was amazed at it's length and girth as she grabbed it. She could barely fit her hand around it. It had to be over eight inches long and she had thought that was impossible. With tender touches and gentle carasses, she explored the blood-engorged veins on his massive rigid cock. It took a while to learn the rythem he liked. The huge mushroom head looked so moist that she couldn't help herself as she was compelled to wrap her succulent lips around it. "Oh! Oh! damn!" Ben almost orgasmed right then and there but managed to somehow bring himself back from the bring as Wonder Woman showed she was a natural cock sucker. "Damn, your mouth feels so right mon cheri!" He said as he weaved his hands through her luxurious black hair and started to gentle fuck her face.

At first, Diana tried to pull back because this was not what she thought she wanted but Ben's reptile was in overdrive and would have none of that. With her lips stretched obscenely around his massive man flesh, she submitted to this male who was now fucking her face and driving the head of his cock into the back of her through. Quickly she forgot about fighting it and found the tast of his cock divine as she absentmindedly started tickling his balls. After fifteen minutes of bobbing up and down as she impaled her mouth on Ben's huge cock, she felt his cock swell even more and she again tried to move off but was forced to either swallow or sufficate. With choosing the former, she found the taste of his seed causing her own mini-orgasm as she swallowed his baby batter as if it was sweet ambrosia on Paradise Island.

Finally drained, Ben's manhood slipped from Diana's mouth after having rewarded her with a belly full of baby batter. Sublimely relaxed, and his eyes closed, Diana sat on the bed licking her lips. She got up to go, "Miz Diana, please come back again... I will be good, I promise." A shiver of pleasure traced up and down her spine as she nodded, "I will, Ben..." Ben, had fashioned himself a breeder of women, and he fucked as many as he could. He told all his boys to get their dicks wet with the High School cunts as often as they could. This life of Ben's might not have him with a lot of money, but he sure could make his impact by knocking up as many women as possible. He prided himself on his surperior genetic structure and bettering himself. That is why he pushed himself through the community college to get an A.A. degree and was taking more night classes at a local 4 year college. Of course, school was the easiest way to find beautiful women. The teachers at the Elementary School, the Senior Cheerleaders at the High School, the teachers and students at the colleges and universities all found themselves enamored with a middle aged entreprenuer handsome black man like himself.

One day he'd caught a sexy young teacher having an affair with the vice principle. He'd seen her giving him a blow job after work in her classroom after school. He was thinking of blackmailing his way into her pants but she ended up needing his help clearing out one spring after school was let out for summer. Of course, the little prim, and proper, pillar of the community tried to get him to use a condum but that failed. He packed her so full that day, she ended up giving birth to triplets to a some cockholded white boy. The next year he was fucking her in the teachers lounge, in her class room, and in the janitor's office AND closet.

He even fucked her on the bed she shared with her husband in her house while he was watching jacking off as he knocked her up for the third time. Man, he was pathetic, but she professed her love for him even as she was impaled on Ben's massive cock. Yet, why should he care? Wonder Woman was a successful indepentent white woman who was a cultural icon of feminism. Women, of all ages, and of all races looked up to her as an example. Seducing her, and knocking her up, became his mission in life. She was going to be stuck barefoot and pregant with her bracelets and tiara on for the next thirty years.

Later that day, Diana met Batgirl at a Starbucks. She related the story of the old man, that she had hurt in the robbery, and how she'd gone to visit him. Giggling she had told her about his huge erection. "Can, you believe what that old black codger has the stamina and energy of a young bull?" She said still amazed. "You know Diana, I be he actually wants to fuck you," Barbara warned, "Now Barbara," With an indignant reply, "He never said that, and I am sure he just wants the company of a friend. He said he has no family and comforting him is the least I can do." After letting her friend carry one some more, Barbara snorted a reply, "Bullshit, don't be so naive Diana, he wants to stick his massive black cock up your sweet little white pussy. Most men out there would give their left ball sack to bed a super heroine; And, even more would give a kidney too to have that super heroine be you, and you know it. I have seen the look of pure madenning lust that comes over men when they look at you, and we are together. They would love to rape and pillage you all day long, right there in the middle of the street. Don't you know he wants to fuck you like every other man?"

"Now Barbara-" The beautiful Wonder Woman said empathically, "First of all, that old black man is one of the nicest Negro persons that I've ever met. I know that he respects me for who I am." Barbara barked a laugh, "Diana, you are kidding yourself. Fucking, or 'making love' is one of the most basic of instincts. If that old can still get a hard-on, then he would love to fuck you with it." Sarcastically Diana replied, "Right..." That night Diana had a vivid dream of her getting plaughed by a massive black cock, the dark skin a vivid contrast to her pale smooth silky skin... She woke up wet.

Some time later, Diana visited Ben in the same room he had been before. Nurse Janice said he'd been making great progress. When Diana entered he was still in the same condition. She also noted his tent pole had returned. "Hello mon cheri" She deposited some athletic and sports illustrated magazines on his bedside table. Ben noticed she was drawn to his cock as if magically bound to it. "Nurse Janice sure gave me hell for this again," With a slowly empathatic nod, she continued to stare at the massive rod. "Mon cheri, could you please help me again?-" Those seemed to be the magic words as she pulled the covers back again and marveled at old glory as it stood proud and tall. The veins throbing to the beat of his heart. The muscle crawling out of a bush of black curly hair that covered his ball sack between his withering legs. Finally she couldn't help herself and sucked his balls into her mouth as she started jacking his cock off.

"Oh god damn!" Ben exclaimed as pleasure, and Wonder Woman, engulfed him. He had a magnificent view of her cleavage and firm, and suppel breasts encased in her bustier. They shook and woobled as she impaled his massive cock into her obscenely stretched mouth. She hummed something as if she was trying to say something. The pleasure from the vibration, had him grabbing her head again. Unlike before, she let him use her head to fuck his man flesh into, and moaned with pleasure of submitting to this masculine male. The hardening of her nipples into diamonds was instantly detected by his keen gaze. Compelled, he slipped his hand underneith her bustier and malled her mammories. Visions of fucking her tits while her glorious mouth engulfed his cock filled his head with thoughts of fucking her up nine ways to Sunday mass. His vision soon had him spurting his seed and giving Diana a protein shake as she swallowed it all without spilling a drop. Several more spurts later, Diana lavishly licked all the baby batter up and tucked it back into it's cage.

"Oh thank you Miz Wonder Woman, all that seed and I am shooting blanks after my vasectomy years agi." Ben struggled to hold back from laughing at himself because it sounded so fake and corney. Little did he know Diana would fall for that line hook, line, and sinker. The teachers, and students, and the Nurses did but he thought she was different. It was weeks before she came back to the hospital. The memory of him wiping his brow as she kissed him lightly on the lips before leaving the room stuck in her head. 'Diana what are you doing?' She thought to herself many times, but the vision of theat stiff hard massive cock kept popping into her head as she busied herself with heroine duties. Nurse Janice was assting Ben off his bed and into his walker when she was unable to stay away any longer. "Oh hi, Miss Wonder Woman, I was just taking Benjermin down to the whirlpool room for him to do some individual rehab, rebuild the stregnth in his legs... Would you mind taking him down? We're overloaded right now and I could use a hand." She begged and Diana was compelled to help Nurses in general. So, despite her initial reluctance to putting herself in that position."Sure..."

"I missed you, mon cheri" With a grin, Ben said smoothly, "see? making progress." The old man said with a grimace as his atrophied legs took his weight. He used his good arm to grab the walker and pull it towards him to take the strain. Wonder Woman was compelled to help him and drap her arms around him and press their bodies together. "Thanks" He wheezed not fully prepared to admit to his weakened state before a woman. "C'mon I'll race you to the pool." he chided her. She held the door for him to enter the small rehab pool area. They entered the area and it was huge. It was a place where all ages could come to do rehab and aerobic workouts. He turned towards her but his legs didn't quiet respond as fast and he slipped backwards. Flailing for a handhold, his hands reached out for something to grab and found her bustier between her cleavage. The big man fell hauling down her top as he went down into her arms. Having turned with him, she was to slow to save her top but saved him from hitting the ground with his full weight behind him. They fell with Diana ontop of him.

A pair of perfectly formed firm, and pert orbs dangled in Ben's face, below two concerned blue eyes. Chocolate brown areole with big budding nipples graced his lips ever so slightly. "Are you ok?" He resisted the urge to latch onto a nipple, "I'm terribly sorry, Diana, I didn't mean to grab you like that... my feet slipped." His eyes gravitated towards her nipples. "I wish I could be a babe in your arms, and nurse at those wonderfully beautiful breasts of yours. I bet you would produce the absolute best mother's milk." Diana let her mind slide over his words conjuring up an image of a babe nursing in her arms, it was a secret dream she had for herself. "You know, Diana, I have known a lot of women, and all enjoyed having their tities touched... I bet you enjoy having your nice old boobies played with too..." He said as he reached up with his good hand and started to knead, and massage her breast and suck and chew on the other. "Oh you're a bad man Ben" She teased playfully. The truth was Diana did like to show off her breasts, which annoyed her female co-workers especially Batgirl who had smaller mamories. "I guess that arm is ok." She said letting him fondle and suck on her tits. His big hand roamed over her bare breast lightly kneading, and fondling, her firm, and pert, cow udders. She secretly loved having her tits sucked and played with. "I could tell... you like to show them off... these big titties of yours... because of how you dress" Ben said with his mouth full of her breast. Diana gave a whimper and moan, as she was unable to help herself enticing he to switch his mouth to the other breast. He knew exactly what she wanted and sucked on her breast like a baby getting milk from its mother. Twirling his tongue around the diamond hard tip, he began chewing on her hard nipple. "Oh..." she said as he nipped her with his teeth, "that is enough of that" she said as she stood up and forced him to let go of her now fully engorged nipple. "Mister, I think it is time for your excersize time in the pool." Locking the door as she closed it, she flipped the occupied sign on.

'Jesus Christ, she is so fucking beatiful... I think I could actually return to breed this Wonder Cow until the day I die' He thought, as her remarked on how perfectly fate planned this moment. He felt her pick him up from behind easily like a rag dall. He felt her bare breasts brush against the side of his head as she stood up. 'The fucking tart has left her top down and her breasts bare' He thought. "Okay that is better now lets get you into the pool" While steading him as he grabbed the guiding rail, she announced. He steadied himself and the flipped off his hospital gown and tossed it onto the deck bench beside the pool. His big stiff cock stood out starkly against the clear aqua green of the pool water. Helping himself into the pool, he said, "He c'mon in, the water is lovely" to her. She stood with her hands on her hips trying to decide if she should pull up her top or go into the pool with him. "I would be grateful if you could help me with these excersizes." That addition did the trick to sucker her in, "Okay" she said.

Ben watched Diana sit on the bench and strip her calf length boots off, one right after another, unintentionally like a well paid stripper. His massive cock twitched at the sight before him. Sliding her bustier completely off, she finally unhooked her belt and shimmed out of her star spangled spandex shorts. Wadding into the pool, "Okay, Ben time for you to get stronger with your rehab." He snorted in response, "you're as bad as Nurse Janet." With his white teeth glowing from a smile in the dimly lit room, he did as he was told. Holding onto the side he did leg stretches and kicks till he was too tired even with her bare chested support. The exercise stations were all clearly marked. Tired, he sat down on the underwater bench in the warm water. Diana sat down beside him, her boyant boobs rising to the surface, and bobbing with her nippls just above the surface. He couldn't resist cupping a breast in his big hand. She let him fondle her breast, and closed her eyes while he kneaded and massaged her silky smooth pert, and firm, boobies. Beckoning her over to him, "Sit on my lap, mon cheri, c'mon" he grabbed her around her waist and slowly pulled the reluctant princess over and onto his lap. She felt his huge cock between her legs, and he continued to play with her boobies much to her pleasure riddled mind. She slapped his hand as he tried to slip it lower after cupping a tit and twisting a nipple. "That's far enough big boy" she said as she continued to tease his massive cock with her buttocks. The massive cock kept slapping against her came toe, and probing her ass cheeks in search for a feminine opening to no avail. "You sure are a cock tease, mon cheri" Playing along he continued to fondle and massage her firm, and supple breasts. 'Patience, my friend, soon we will experience this beautiful filly in all her glory'

Two weeks later, Diana found herself taking Ben down to the exercise pool again. She told herself she could handle him. This time she unziped her bustier and stripped her calf length boots off after locking the shut door and turning on the occupied light. She smiled that sweet smile of hers that would melt any man's heart and raise any cock of any age. She cupped her breasts as she turned around and let the bustier fall down and shimmy out of her star spangled shorts. That she had forgotten to wear panties completely slipped her mind as Ben was kneeling before her and sucking on her diamond hard nipples. His rigid cock twitching through the entire exercise cycle. This time after finishing all the exercises he sat cuddling Diana's boobies, as she murmured in contentment at a slow boil. Ready, the princess was to be taken, and he knew it as he slowly drover her out of her mind; Before, sliding his good hand along her side and around to the inside of her thigh, he pulled her bright red thong panties to the side as he guided her onto his blood engorged massive cock. Easing the tip past her cunt lips and grabbed her hips before slamming her down and impalling her in one swift motion. "I'm going to fuck your brains out, princess." He whispered into her ear.

"aaauhhh!!! Oh... my Hera!!! So... big" Diana whimpered as she was stuck on his spear of man flesh filling her right cunt completely. Though her hymen ruptured many years ago during training, Ben was pillaging and plundering virgin ground as he let her stretched pussy slowly become accomodated to his massive girth. Her red thong stretching around his cock as her cunt lips stretched obscenely and clasped at the invade cock. "So... full" she whimpered and moaned, and he could feel her virginal muscles begin to milk his cock seeking the baby batter in his balls.

The body knew what it wanted... what it needed, even if Diana didn't. Ben started rythemically pistoning her cunt up and down his rod of authority. Many men, and women, had dreamed of claiming Diana like this but here was an old man... an simple enterpreneuring black man about to breed THE Wonder Woman. "aauuuhhh... aaaiii.... aaauuu... aaahhh" Leaning back, she twisted her head and submitted to his mouth and tongue as he dominated her body, mind, and spirit. She was eagerly jumping up and down on his massive cock now as he mauled her breasts. Whimpers and moans escaped her lips as he bit down into her shoulder and neck and felt his balls twich. "You are so fucking tight, woman... I love fucking you."

"I love you... you big... big black stud... you..." Diana was delirious of what she was saying. "Never... never stop... keep... fucking meeee!!!." She screamed as she orgasimed while she drove down on him wildly with an equally wild expression on her face. Bitting her ear, he grunted "Tell me... Tell me what you want... woman!" He kept snorting and grunting in her ear reminding her of some young stud out to soe it's oats. "Tell me!" He ordered forcefully as he bit her neck again. "I want... I... want... you to fuck me... fuck me like a whore!!!" She screamed, luckily the room was sound proof. He kept driving into her with amazing strength so much that it started to hurt a little as his mush room head tickled her cervix. "Please... stop it... you dirty old man.... I want to have your baby... you dirty old man.." He eased up on his pounding of her poor abused cunt; Then, locked lips as he claimed ownership of her mouth, body, and soul again. "I want you to knock me up... give me your black baby..." Whimpers, and moans, turned into a scream again as she was fucked out of her mind into a massive orgasm. She felt warmth spread from her womb as he shot his baby batter into her fertile garden of eden.

As Diana slowly came back to Earth she remembered nothing but the feeling of him ejaculating into her. She thought it was ok though because he said he had a vacsectomy. Ben's cock throbbed six times delivering what felt like a gallon of come into her. Lucky, she thought she was because this was a fertile time for her and he surely would have put her in a family way with that... 'Would that be bad?' She asked herself dreamily as she leaned back into her man. She lazily traced the outline of his cock on her stomach. It was so huge it distinted against her abdomen muscle walls. His own mind had been blown from his own orgasm, and he was hooked on this piece of white meat. Though he would sample other flavors he knew he would always come back to breed with this wonder cow. Soaking up his baby batter, she let herself rest still impaled on his rod of authority.

Soon enough, Ben found himself being carried out of the pool by the strong amazon woman. His normall alpha dog tendencies subdued as he had just claimed his own wonder bitch. So he easily let her care for him like a dotting lover. Her shorts were soaked with his cum dribbling down her leg as she obliviously got ready to leave. As they walked down the hall to his room he grabbed her at his door, and pulled her to him sliding his his hand down to the hem of her shorts. Hand stretching her shorts around his fingers slipping into her still well lubricated pussy. He growled into her ear possessively and she giggled as he nipped her ear. People in the hall stared at them in shock but she was oblivious to them. She pulled his hand out of her shorts, and her lips lingered as they sucked on his fingers. "You've had your fun." Squeezing his hospital gown around his massive cock affectionately. Nurse Ayami was there to take over care for him, "He is getting stronger" Diana said sweetly to the Nurse. "Yes, he is, any chance you could come back and give us a hand? We are short volunteers this month." The petitely beautiful asian nurse said with a knowing twinkle in her eye from her diamond wedding ring. Ben piped in, "I promise to be good" With a wink he smiled at Diana. "Absolutely! Same time?" She asked. "Yes-" she missed the Nurse being dragged into Ben's bed with her giggling. Diana was deep in her own mind with her own concerns.

'What are you doing, Diana?' She asked herself, because she couldn't believe what she had just done. She had just willingly submitted and given herself to a man... her man, now. She rationalized that it had been more as a reward and in compassion, and the there couldn't be any consequences. Back in her appartment, she did her twirl and found the magik still worked and so she twirled back. After bending a metal beam about at a construction site, she was reasonably sure that her mother was lying, 'It is all just a bunch of silly superstition about male domination, and loosing my powers' She told herself, 'Mother-' she scolded in absentia, '-you should know I too strong to be dominated by any man' With that she perpared herself to return the next day.

Dutifally arriving at the hospital at the appointed hour to take Ben to the rehab room, 'I wonder if I should let him make love to me again today like yesterday... I don't want him thinking I am easy and he can have me anytime he likes' Pushing the thoughts out of her mind, she entered the room and walked arm in arm with her man to help him get better. She enjoyed his attention as she unzipped her bustied in front of him, then stretched her hands above and behind her back pushing her bountiful chest into the foreground. This time she had no panties to deal with but she made him start directly into the excersize cycle. That done however, Ben was ready for his reward. He made her spread her legs wide, positioning her legs onto the railings and split her open as wide as he could make her go. Finally with Wonder Cunt spread beyond a hundred and eight degrees, he slowly worked his massive cock into her tight passage. Working his massive black cock into her tight white pussy slowly this time had her sinking he claws into his back. Their pubic hair intertwined as he ground his cock into her cunt, and her curly brown hair triangle. The contrast of black and white was intoxicating to him, as he felt her legs locked behind him on his but. They soul kissed for so long that it was hard for Diana to catch her breath as she held onto his muscular shoulders and mixed her fingers into his hair on his head as they fucked like rabbits in heat. This is how they spent their exercise sessions together. Barbara remarked that she thought Diana might have been fucked much more thoroughly than most women. So, Barbara had a reason to be envious for a new reason.

It was Friday, three weeks later, when it was Ben's last rehab time slot. Addicted to Diana's tight white pussy, he was and he was wondering how to go about finish taming her to bring her home. Helping her underss, he had her bustier off fairly easily, and spent some time caressing and kissing her breast before Wonder Woman sat down to have him remove her calf high boots. Unzipping each boot, he kissed and nibbled her perfectly silky smooth skin as he coaxed off her boots. Standing before him, she shimmied as he pealed her star spangled shorts down, and revealed she wasn't wearing any panties like he ordered last time; And, as she was directed she shaved her pussy hair. His lips touched her nether and he had to grab her perfectly shaped firm ass as her legs went weak on her and she intertwined her fingers in his hair on the top of his head. Swooning, she whimpered and groaned, "Oh God... I could love you forever." She said as she thought she would faint from the black man's tongue that was snaking it's way past her cunt lips.

Nipping her clit, Diana experienced her first orgasm of the days session. The cum began to flow freely. Ben stood up next to his Wonder Woman, and she could taste her own cum on his lips as his tongue now dominated her as she willingly submitted her mouth. This kiss only lasted a couple minutes but she felt it was an eternity of pleasure. They swayed, kneeling and kissing, back and forth as he rubbed his bulging massive veiny cock against her shaved bare pussy. He growled into her ear, "It is time I take you doggy style now, princess."

Readying to submit herself to her master, Diana eagerly knelt down on all fours with her beautifully firm, and perky, orbs hanging down with diamond hard blood engorged nipples. A beautiful naturally feminine hand wrapped itself around his cock as she guided him to mount and claim her body. "Ohhhh yes," A mini orgasm rippled through her as he penetrated her already wet folds. Sighing slightly as his cock impaled her, 'God, it is a good thing he is sterile,' She thought 'I don't know if I could stand not having him royally fuck me.' The whimpers and moans started as he sensed she was at her most fertile period again. He was determined to knock his wonder bitch up good this time. His goal was to get his sperm past her cervix so that her chance of getting pregnant would be greatly increased. With his renewed strength his rose and fell hard on her, just as other male animals do when they breed with their mates. He humped her like the bitch in heat that she was. He mounted her hard and deep from behind, the muschroom head of his cock mashing against her cervix ever thirt thrust. The pain served to excite her as she felt how far he was into her. Diamonds could have been cut by his massive cock as it stretched her pussy completely. The difference was noticable to her and she could feel he was filling her more than before, so much that her bones were shifting to accomodate. Wincing from the pleasure and pain as his ass fell stroking down deep into her, she moaned through her whimpers from the pain as she submitted and took the beating her mate was giving her poor pussy.

After feeling his balls tickle almost immediately after penetrating Wonder Woman to Ben's maximum length, he shuved his prong so deep the tip of his penis penetrated through her cervix. She made a low moan, as she whimpered from the intense pain of him driving through her cervix. His baby batter skipping the hard part and being dumped directly into her womb, where three eggs awaited to be pillaged and plundered by his sailors. He knew she could feel his cock throbbing as his sperm was dumped into her awaiting womb. His next thought was to get his Wonder Woman to climax. As she whimpered and moaned again from feeling his mushroom headed cock pop back out of her womb and out of her abused cervix. Without removing his dick, he gently lifted her ass into the air. Reaching around her thights to find her clit he dipped his finger into her pussy and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her hard. Using the sperm as lubricant he stroked her clit in time with his thrusts. After a few minutes, The Princess experienced a massive orgasim with her man as her cunt milked and massaged his baby batter from his cock. He had felt her stomach spasm viciously as she came and groaned through another pleasure filled whimper. His baby batter errupted on the second spasm from her vaginal walls constricting and milking his flesh like a vice. His spurts of spunk timed perfectly with her stomach spasms.

Fucked into Delirium, Ben instinctively knew he had nailed Wonder Woman good, deep, and hard. The sperm load was not as great but he could somehow feel she was in the family way. 'This bitch has done been tamed' He thought as he continued to fuck in and out of her. She was very slick inside as she slowly collapsed onto the mat tits sticking out beside her. His Wonder Woman, knew she was tamed instinctively though her mind was still on cloud nine. While only partially penetrating her, he continued to fuck in and out of her, until he came one more time. Seizing her hips, he thrust in deep and groaned with her. Finally he pulled out for just a moment and looked down. The lips of her vagina were red and swollen from all the abuse. The lips were still stretched into an oval 'O' as blood, white seamen, and sweat spilled out of her. Diana's hair was a mess, as it was all spread out all over her back and across her face, 'Abso-fucking-lutely Beautiful. She really looks like she had just been FUCKED' He thought as he eased himself down and inside her again.

Diana moaned with a whimper, with a hoarse voice, as she felt him enter her again. This time, he decided his goal was to simply stay in side of her for as long as possible. He started stroking slowly and deeply. After a long while she was still very well lubricated, he then came a final time and ejaculated slowly into her weakly. Yet, Wonder Bitch, bitch that she was knew it and moaned softly again. Rolling on the exercise mat he fell asleep with Diana sleeping ontop of him, and she was still deeply impaled on him. Dreamily, she got up and pulled herself together while putting her cloths back on. She felt a bit sticky, and was confused on what exactly happened beyond know it felt divinely wonderful. She patted her flat stomach and smiled as she jovially wondered how much baby batter was deep inside of her. She would soon find out how true that joke was.

Duty to the JLA had The Princess up in her tower for six months aboard the space station. From there she coordinated the activities for all the JLA members and acted as warning against alien incursion. Everyone hated their deployment on the tin can. Flash was happy to hand over the duty to her and board the shuttle back to earth. As always he blew her a kiss with a wink before he was gone in a blink of an eye. For about thirty seconds she pinned for her romantic interlude with the safe old man recovering in the hospital but then the board lit up and it was eighteen hours of crisis after crisis. Finally exhausted she trooped off to her room for sleep. In some ways working the operations center was more fatiguing than actual physical work, she thought as her head hit the pillow. The week quickly passed and she was well into the next one at the same frantic pace. 'Why did there have to be flooding, wars, tribal battles, cocaine wars, on her shift' she lamented working through the chat folders while talking on the comm link with Batman who was running down the cocain traffickers in his 'BatBoat in the Keyes. Her bustier seemed tight and she pulled at it trying to adjust its fit. She stepped out to walk to the galley to maker hserlf some supper, adding the grilled pork chop to her plate with mashed potatoes she had craving for ice cream and peanut butter which she added to her plate. Diana never really liked being on the space station, she found its lighter gravity made her a touch quesy. It had been okay for a while but she almost didn't make it to the station heads one morening when she pucked up her supper. Exhausted she hit the sack hopping tomorrow would be a better day, and tearing through another page of her date timer with days to go aboard the tin can.

The smell of coffee woke her up, 'That's right I set the machines automatic timer on', "Oh what a glorious smell" She exclaimed to herself in melodrama, she'd never noticed the smell this far away before. She tugged on her clothes, and her breasts felt swollen, her nipples tender, the bustier grated across her sensitive flesh, "to hell with this" she said tossing the bustier onto her bed, "I'll go like this" she told herself and left the room with only her shorts on. The station's reduced gravity giving her bare bosom an even more perky lift. Walking the short distance along the corridor she felt dizzly, a little light headed, and she cursed the men who built this space station. The coffee settle her nerves and she relaxed before she started work. Not completely the perky self she normally was but everyone knew she hated being aboard the tine can, so they excused her moodiness as normal. The days seemed to blur into a routine, Diana accounted all her symptoms to the space station. But she couldn't figure out why she was gaining weight. Three months had passed and she had a noticeable bulge in her normally tight, flat tummy. She worked out endlessly but still, 'I guess I'll just have to go to the med center and check things out' She took a blood test and provided a urine sample to determine what the hell was going on. The medical diagnostic comupter displayed the analysis:

: Certainty @ 99.9% for probability of being pregnant

"WWWHHHAAATTT?!!!" Wonder Woman yelled at the machine hands flying over th keyboard demanding reconfirmation of the findings, the result didn't change. "but how?" She asked herself, "I've only been with one man, and he had been safe..." She started to think clearly and realized she never verified the vasectomy claim and just took his word for it. Suddenly depressed she asked herself "Now what?" as she just sat there stairing at the computer screen.

The routine stayed the same and by the fifth month her belly jutted out diffinitively. After adjusting her bustier for her swollen breasts, she also adjusted for her ever expanding womb. 'At least, the lower gravity eliminated any back ache' she thought as she messaged her big belly. Six months passed and Batgirl arrived to replace Diana on the station. Everyone on Earth was glad. She seemed to have become really bitchy, or moody, or whatever... and they didn't want to hear from her anymore. The airlock hissed open and Batgirl stepped out red hair bouncing slowly in the light gravity. Barbara stopped up short as she took in Diana waiting for her with her jaw dropped down staring at her friend. Barbara looked liked a guppy sucking its last breath. Diana stood there, she was big now with her belly holding triplets, with her bustier failing to conceal her belly button which was about to become an outie.

"What's wrong Barbara? Never seen a pregnant woman before?" Diana asked jovially teasing her friend. With that she broke her facade into crying and tears as she ran to burie her head into her friend's shoulder, blubbering about that old man. Barbara got the story out of Diana after a couple hours. Barbara found it hard to believe her big amazon friend had been seduced by a grandpa, and so completely knocked up. Secretly Barbara found it extremely kinky imagining her best friend, the big invincible super heroine of all womanhood getting boned by an old geezer Wonder Woman could nap in half like a twig. 'He must have one big bone though" Barbara thought to herself. The two women talked at length about what she should do.

Heading the media circus off Diana knew was coming she contacted the American Maternity League and at their next convention became their keynote speaker. Initially reluctant the President quickly changed her mind when Diana explained she was in the family way, and wanted to endorse the League. The convention quickly became a media circus as Wonder Woman waddled on stage seven months pregnant, with a huge belly. Her ringing endorsement of motherhood, breast feeding, etc was more than what the President could hope for. The publicity became awesome as a top J.L.A. celebrity became a little human and talked off the joys she felt at entering mother hood. The paparazzi had a field day with her, but she ignored the petty parasitic bullies for what they were, She did have a little spiteful revenege on a couple of liberal women's lib reporters whose condescending interview made her furious. Continuing backstage she heard them still snipping at her intentionally within earshot, the bitches. She snared them with her lasso, as they turned when she called them. Diana commended them all to go get pregnant with Ben. They all left to do exactly as she commanded.

The pregnancy harmones and her enforced secual abstinence after her introduction into sex made Diana extremely horney. She found she was addicted to Ben's cock. Now free from her previous restraints, Diana quickly began to change her appearance around me. She volunteered as Miss Prince at the hospital where she was knocked up. The male patients soon found her willing to provide a hand job, blow job, or have a suck on her big tist. She soon lost count of the number of cocks she fucked but nuthing really fixed her itch. Finally, she then made a night time appearence at Ben's flat he had returned too. After opening the door, he let Miss Diana Prince in.

"I have been expecting you to show up for some time now," Ben said slowly as he admired his handiwork. She had that pregnant glow about her too, especially her face. She must be due anytime now he thought. "You bastard..." He could tell she was furious with him but extremely horny at the same time ever sense she stepped near him. "Now now, 'my' woman, you should know that you begged for it. All you preppy crackers are so arrogant and superior yet your just here to breed like the rest of us." He quickly grabbed a hold over her butt and reach around to grab her neck as he passionately kissed her. At first she tried to resist him. She tried to push him off her but she found herself as weak as a baby against this man she gave herself too. The feeling of his tongue searching against his lips was too much and she yielded to him yet again. Feeling her submission to his claim of her he began kneading her breasts. "No one can fuck me like I can, can they?"

"Oh by Hera, how I hate you" Wonder Woman said vehemently as Ben slammed her up against the wall and slid his massive cuck into her eager cunt. "You know, those reporters you sent to me?" Another passionate soul kiss, "I knocked them up good too... I think they might want more to take home to their pussy whiped husbands. Nurse Ayami and Nurse Janet I knocked up too. Both nurses on all four shifts." He said egging her on as he drover her through an orgasm."

"You fucking ass!!! I should tear off your nuts and feed them to you." Ben kept fucking her hard against the floor. Her eyes suddenly got serious, "Swear to me you will be a fucking father to our children or so help me I will..." With a grin he ground his cock into her as she gave her another does of baby batter. "As you wish, love." Then he stuck his tongue down her through and they continued to mate. When morning came Diana felt full and right for the first time in nine months.

Slowly coming back to the land of the living after sleeping, she found herself in Ben's waterbed in a loft. She looked over at Ben who was walking in with breakfast and a cup of delicious coffee. There was a small ring box. Diana sucked in her breath as she looked at it and stared at his warm smile.

"You know, I had this epiphany a few months ago about how our reunion could go. So you could say I renewed some earlier thoughts I had before you vanished, and got this while I waited." He said while moving around to the other side of her in bed nibbling on her shoulder. "epiphany?" Ben thought for a moment, "Well maybe divine inspiration may be better, but I love you Diana Prince... Will you marry me?" A passionate kiss that was reciprocated ensued. "I take that as a yes?" He asked as she draped her arms around his head lazily. "You know that marrying an amazon means you take my last name, right?" A mischevious grin colored her face as she tested him, and he just laughed and kissed her again. "Benjamin Sparks Prince, sounds great to me." The princess giggled and this looked surprised as she felt her water break.

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